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What My Customers Say...

I have learnt loads in Vicki’s classes about different techniques, mediums, styles of painting and drawing and how to put it all together in a picture.


Vicki demonstrates a painting, explains the technique and talks about the materials or any alternatives that we can use. She also comes round to everyone individually to give advice and support on the pictures as we are working on them. She is very flexible and is happy for us to work on our own projects if we prefer to. Her style of teaching is relaxed and supportive, she is very encouraging and the classes are friendly and fun.


Everyone is treated as an individual and Vicki helps us progress towards our own goals in our preferred medium. 


The classes are really enjoyable and inspiring and they’ve helped me progress with my art so much further than I ever could have otherwise. She brings out the best artist in every person in the class.


Vicki is a brilliant teacher and I can’t recommend her classes highly enough.

Rose Conway

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