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Art Materials List

Most of these materials can be brought from Amazon, WH Smiths, Cass Art online, Jacksons Art online and Hobby Craft. There are always sales in art shops and online so I suggest you type in the item I have listed below on Google and press the shopping tab, it then lists all the shops selling that item, so you can find the cheapest option. Try to stick to the materials I list and don’t be tempted to buy the cheaper makes because the items below will get you better results and are easier to use.

  • Graphite drawing pencils- I use a tin of pencils called Faber Castell 9000 Design Set 5B-5H

  • Willow Charcoal- This comes in a pack of different size sticks in colour black​. This is not essential to buy though

  • Rubber, sharpener, masking tape- I use Elastomer Eraser Mono Zero tombow rubber​ which is smaller and great for detail. I use Faber –Castell craft knife to sharpen my pastel pencils and a normal sharpener for my graphite pencils

  • Waterproof black pen or black biro- I use Faber Castell Pitt Pens

  • Watercolour paper, either hot-pressed (smooth or NOT which means textured) I suggest Langton Prestige 100% cotton 300gsm watercolour paper 12 x 9 inches- £9.90 from Jacksons Art, Hobby Craft or Amazon. Make sure you buy the paper with Prestige 100% cotton. Don’t be tempted by cheaper makes. Or you can purchase NOT instead of Hot Pressed, this means it has a slight texture. Other excellent makes are Arches and Saunders and Waterford.

  • White smooth drawing paper pad A4-I suggest Daler Rowney Smooth Hot-pressed Drawing Heavy Weight Paper Pad A4 size. If you have brought a hot pressed watercolour pad you won’t need this pad.

  • Strathmore Toned Gray sketch paper pad size-11 in x 14 in, or a smaller pad will be fine

  • Watercolour paints or Gouache Paint- I suggest Windsor and Newton/ Cotman watercolour pan set or Reeves Goache paint. Pan sets are easier to use than tubes if you are a beginner.

  • Paint brushes - Windsor and Newton Foundation Watercolour 6 pack of paintbrushes

  • Painting Palette to mix paints old glass food jars for water to wash paint brushes

  • Coloured paper for use of pastels and coloured pencils- The colours in your pad will need to be colours such as tan, grey and some dark colours. I use Claire Fontaine Pastelmat Pad Number 4 or Number 5, 24x30cm brought online. This paper is the best because it holds the layers of pastel and is much easier to use than the cheaper papers

  • Coloured pastel pencils and normal waxy coloured pencils-  I suggest Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils a tin of 36 or upwards. Look out for sales online to buy these from the shops I mention at the beginning.

  • Wax Resist Sticks- Pack of 5 made by Brusho Crystal Colour

Paper and Supports

Drawing Supplies


Painting Brushes and Accessories