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  • Can I join any class if I am a beginner?
    Absolutely yes you can join if you are a beginner, I teach a range of abilities in all my lessons.
  • How are the classes structured?
    We work on each project/subject for two weeks, I find a simpler image for beginners and more detailed photos for the more experienced painters. The lesson is for two hours it starts with me demonstrating the techniques and the stages to take to create the painting for both beginners and more advanced, I then assist you on a one to one basis throughout the lesson. You can choose the image you want to paint after the demonstration. I email you the image and materials list a week before each lesson so you can print the image for the lesson and feel prepared (I also bring a few prints for those without printers at home) People generally join a class that suits their choice of day and times. Lessons run weekly throughout the year and we follow the school term times, so we have breaks when the Solihull schools are off.
  • What art materials do I need?
    You bring your own art materials, but to begin with you will be fine with just a pencil, paper and a rubber. You can purchase the materials over time depending on your budget. When you join the class I provide a general list of the main materials we use for all the projects and ones that will give you more professional results and are easier to use. I email you the image and materials list a week before each project. We paint all different subjects such as still life, figurative, landscape, portraits and animals. I teach you how to use a range of media including pencils, pastels, watercolour, pen and watercolour wash, acrylics and gouache. It is nice to build your own collection of art materials so you can paint out of the class and at home too. You can also join our outdoor painting group that meet when the classes are closed during the holidays.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    Classes are paid every term time, if you miss a class you don’t get refunded but I keep the prices of the classes at an affordable and fair price.
  • Do I pay term time and once I start do I keep my place?
    I do offer highly discounted Zoom lesson recordings for those who join the live classes, so you can watch and work from home too and never miss a lesson. The classes run weekly throughout the year but we close when Solihull schools are off on holiday, if you book please keep your thanks for booking email which has the class class schedule and dates on it. When you join you will be given priority when re-booking each term so you can stay for years if you want to. If I am absent and unable to teach you will be taught the class at a later date.
  • What facilities are there on site?
    There is wheelchair access and toilets. Parking facilities are near to the venues where I teach and lots of bus services. Downing Hall in Knowle is next to the Tesco car park. At The Core you get a 10% off card to spend in the Café on the day of your lesson, at Knowle there are a range of wonderful cafes and pubs to visit before or after the lesson and you can bring a flask of tea or coffee into class.
  • Where are the classes held?
    The Core in Solihull, Downing Hall in Knowle and online Zoom classes with recordings of the lessons. For the venue directions please refer to the Venues page of my website.
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