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About the Classes

I teach a variety of art programmes for kids and adults, both in-person and online, with the goal of stimulating and nurturing imaginative and original thought. My two-hour long, 16-person adult community workshops are a terrific place to experiment with new methods and hone your existing one. Students will learn from the instructor and each other, and they won't need any fancy tools to get started.


Every other week, I also offer in-depth painting workshops for adults through the internet. Each student receives a recording of the lesson, in which I walk them through the whole painting process at their own pace. Individuals will still benefit from the group's support and communication, even while they are physically separated from the others.


All class registrations are handled on a first come, first served basis and I do have a wait list if you wish to join.

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About Me

I am an accomplished artist and tutor who is passionate about assisting others in discovering the pleasure of making art. One of my earliest recollections is of losing myself in a painting at school, and I now hear my students talk about having the same experience while working on their projects. I have developed my abilities to instruct students of all ages and skill levels through my studies, as well as through my job as a community artist and an adult education tutor.

I teach classes in all media as a full-time artist and tutor, encouraging and guiding my students to experiment with new methods and expand their understanding of art. My classes are supportive, friendly, and sociable, giving everyone the chance to share ideas, develop their work, and inspire and encourage each other. Many of my students have gone on to selling their art and starting their own businesses.

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