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Hi I’m Vicki, the founder of Vicki Gorman Art Classes, taught in Solihull including online classes. I love to share my passion for drawing and painting, bringing people together from all different ages and backgrounds to create art. People join the art classes for different reasons, they may have loved art at school and have always wanted to learn more, to meet new friends and learn new skills or develop their skills further to start an art business. As I say to my students, "Just go for it!"  Once you join you may get hooked for life as you can never stop learning when producing art. The journey and process of making art is just as rewarding and fulfilling as the finished piece. I teach a variety of different media including pencils, pastels, watercolours and acrylics. I help students recognise what subjects and materials they love to work with so that they can become confident as artists with their own individual styles. The classes have a mix of abilities from beginners to advanced, and are very supportive and friendly so I am sure you will have fun and make something you are proud of.

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