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Children's Online Classes (Zoom) 

The children get to learn lots of different art techniques, painting different subjects each lesson. The materials we mainly use are pencils, pastels and pen and watercolour wash. The children draw and paint along with me from start to finish and we talk through all the techniques as we paint. I send you the image and materials list a week before the class and all the lesson information can also be found on the Course Information page. 

The classes are great for children who are interested in studying Art at G.C.S.E in the future, because it will give them chance to build a portfolio of their own paintings. They will gain confidence and an understanding of the main techniques and knowledge of how to use different materials. Most importantly they will produce work they are proud of and have fun.

You also get a recording of the lesson so you never miss a class and can watch it back and work at your own pace. After the lesson parents can WhatsApp images to me of their child’s work so I can give encouraging feedback. It is wonderful to see the high quality of work the children produce and how they develop their own individual styles.


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Adult Online Classes (Zoom)

I teach online art classes through Zoom every two weeks, see Book an Art Class for more information on dates. This is a more in-depth approach where I take you through the painting project at each stage. You also receive a recording of the class so you can watch back throughout the week and work at your own pace. Even though you are at home we still all paint together so you experience the encouragement and communication with each other as a group and an artistic community.

Bookings are on a first come, first served basis so be quick and save your place!

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Art in the Community

Classes are two hours with 16 people per class. I usually start with a demonstration and discussion and then you can work independently through the lesson while I go round the room and help people further. We usually work on a project for three weeks, looking at a particular subject and techniques. I keep subjects varied so everyone has a chance to try new things and also paint something they love.  I teach how to paint still life, landscapes, figures, animals, buildings - the list is endless and classes are always kept exciting and innovative. You can also work on your own projects to develop your own styles. You bring your own materials, but you don’t need expensive equipment to start with, you can buy materials over time so you can be independent artists at home. You also learn from each other as you can walk round the room and observe how others have approached subjects. This can be very encouraging and motivating.

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My Art Commissions

I used to work with water-based oils but found the drying time frustrating so now I specialise in pencil and pastel drawings, and watercolour mixed media paintings. I love to paint portraits, figures and flowers. I enjoy capturing the realism of a portrait, applyiing fine layers of pencil to capture the colours and tones of the skin. When painting I start with a realist image then, as the painting progresses, I create more abstract shapes and gestural marks. I love the freedom and looseness of watercolour and mixed media.

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