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Adult Class Course Information

Thank you for signing up to the zoom art classes.

Zoom Classes Only

Zoom Link (Use for all Sessions). Click the link below:

Project 1 Boat 2022
Download DOCX • 62KB

Project 2 Seascape 2022
Download DOCX • 68KB

Project 3 Photo Memories woman and baby on beach
Download DOCX • 648KB

Project 4 Field 2022
Download DOCX • 54KB

Project 5 Impressionist roses 20222
Download DOCX • 1.33MB

Project 6 Jelly fish 2022
Download DOCX • 150KB

Project 7 Lighthouse and swimmer using cling film
Download DOCX • 1.23MB

Project 8 Street scene pen and wash
Download DOCX • 125KB

Project 9 animal of your choice
Download DOCX • 1.59MB

Project 10 Face in graphite and willow charcoal
Download DOCX • 104KB


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