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Children's Art Materials List

First see what you have at home before you buy from the list below. On the course information page I list materials you will need for each project so you don't need to get them all at once. You can buy materials from SAA, Amazon, Hobby craft, Cass Art or Jacksons Art and WHsmith. Don’t be tempted by cheaper items try and stick to the materials that I list because you can struggle with cheaper papers and materials. I suggest when you need materials type in the search engine the materials that I have listed for the project we are doing.On the adult materials list there are images of the materials I list below that links to the SAA and Amazon. 

If you use SAA Online, use Code: VGSAA10 for 10% off an order

  • Graphite pencils- I use a tin of pencils called Derwent Graphic 6B-4H

  • Rubber, sharpener, masking tape- I use Elastomer Eraser Mono Zero tombow rubber

  • Painting Palette to mix paints/ old glass food jars for water to wash paint brushes


  • Waterproof black pen or black biro- I use Faber Castell Pitt Pens


  • Coloured pencils-  I suggest either Faber Castell, Daler Rowney, Derwent or Polychromos. I use Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils. You can buy tins of 12 colours.


  • White smooth drawing paper pad A4-I suggest Daler Rowney Smooth Hotpressed Drawing Heavy Weight Paper Pad A4 size


  • Mixed media drawing and painting pad- This is the cheapest option which you can do drawing and painting on, the quality is not as good as the more expensive items but if you want to try the classes and see what you like this is the cheapest option. I have listed more expensive pads below. The cheaper mixed media pad is called Royal Talens Toned Colour Mix pad, it has 50 sheets and you can buy either warm or cool colours, I prefer cool colours. 


  • Watercolour paints or Gouache Paint- I suggest Winsor and Newton/ Cotman Sketchers pocket watercolour pan set or Reeves Goache paint


  • Paint brushes-Winsor and Newton Foundation Watercolour 6 pack of paintbrushes- £5.56

  • Wax Resist Sticks- Pack of 5 made by Brusho Crystal Colour


More expensive paper and other adittional items

  • Hot pressed (smooth) watercolour paper- Make sure you buy Hot Pressed! This means smooth surface so it will be good for both drawing and pen and wash. I suggest Langton Prestige Hot Pressed ( This means smooth so it is good for drawing and pen and wash)100% cotton 300gsm watercolour paper 12 x 9 inches- £9.90 from Jacksons Art, Hobby Craft or Amazon. You will get lovely results with this paper.


  • Coloured paper for use of pastels and coloured pencils- The colours in your pad will need to be colours such as tan, grey and some dark colours. I use Claire Fontaine Pastelmat trial pack in dark colours A4 size 24x30cm or Canson Ma Tintes Touch trial pack in light colours (makes sure you have Touch in the title)


  • Willow Charcoal- This comes in a pack of different size sticks in colour black

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